Jinru Wu

Hi, I am Jinru! And welcome to my portfolio. I am a full stack web developer, namely, one of those code monkeys trying to build a website out of nowhere. I have been in the startup world for a few years and I love the enthusiasm and flexibility they offer. I am a native of China living in Beijing as of November 2015, and cities I have lived in the past include New York City and Shanghai.


I mostly code in Ruby and Javascript/Coffeescript. I have experience building a variety of web applications, also knowledge with front-back ends communication, web services and API design.

I started using Ruby on Rails in 2011 to build websites and have not been able to imagine leaving it ever since. I have also tried using different Javascript frameworks for JS-heavy client side pages, Backbone.js and Angular.js are two most prominent ones.

I have also played many other roles for a shorter time in my career, iOS Developer, project manager, PHP developer and of course the devops guy. Those roles helped me significantly in understanding which part of the application development process do I enjoy most.

You can download a copy of my resume here.

You can also find out more about my working experience on Linkedin.


Below are Websites I have contributed to:

  • SeekPanda

    SeekPanda is an curated online marketplace for hiring top interpreters and translators.

    I am responsible for:

    Implement new features based on the operations and product flow.

    Mentor and develop junior team members.

  • Bridging Education And Mobility | 学愿桥

    BEAM (Bridging Education And Mobility) is a non-profit educational organization focused on increasing teachers' access to classroom funding and project ideas in rural areas of China via technical solutions.

    I am responsible for:

    Building a web application as a solution in exploring a sustainable model in increasing teachers’ access to classroom funding and project ideas.

    Optimize operations workflow by inventing and applying technical automation strategies.

  • GuitarNow

    GuitarNow is a guitar-learning website allows you to learn to play your favorite song without going through long, painful process from the fundamentals, by breaking songs into chords then broken chords and small practice units that take hours of effective learning instead of months.

    I was responsible for:

    transformation of guitar learning process to programming logic.

    visualization of sense of rhythm tests and the metronome for on-beat practice.

    deployments and new version releases, server setup and business intelligence data collection.

    extensive involvement in product design, development and marketing in general.

  • Unpakt

    Unpakt is a comparing platform connecting movers and people want to move, allowing users to book a move with detailed inventory items and guaranteed prices. They also offer numerous tools so movers can better determine the range they support moves and a more reasonable pricing strategy.

    I was responsible for:

    extensive performance improvements, mostly database query optimization.

    building new features intensively also maintenance and adjustments of pricing system.

    upgrading the application from Rails 3.2 to Rails 4.

    integrate Angular.js to Javascript-heavy pages.

    numerous devops tasks including nginx configuration, crontabs setup and CI environment fine-tuning.

  • Ensa

    Ensa is a platfotm aggregating health data from different data sources, trackers and offering recommendations for user concerned about their health condition.

    I was responsible for:

    API design

    create models for data normalization and clients for data fetching

    mobile app notifications feature implementation

    building authentication system from scratch

  • ShotBox

    ShotBox is a platform for models, agencies and other professionals to build networks.

    I was responsible for:

    model portfolio photo wall implementation

    photo upload feature

Writing and Other

I write occasionally(mostly in Chinese, sometimes in English) here, on Twitter and Weibo. I am also trying to become an avid reader in 2014. I love running, skiing and traveling, but what I love most is simply reflecting.