I have made the decision to join a startup as a co-founder and a technical lead on Thursday, within 24 hours of being pitched to, which was a phone conversation on Wednesday night. I then shook hands with my new co-founders on Thursday.

Was that fast? Too fast? Probably. But when my gut feels right, I usually make the decision in a heartbeat. This time, I felt extremely lucky to be working with my new co-founders, to be working for this product I might be a user myself, and I have every reason to believe we will be an A-team.

This thing really gets me deep. I had trouble falling asleep last night because of those caffeine I had during the day, but I also found myself unable to get the smile off my face while battling to put myself into sleep. And I woke up this morning smirking like an idiot. I suppose this is what happens when you “follow your bliss”, a quote from Joseph Campbell in “Power of Myth”: you forget security, you forget achievements, you forget everybody else on this planet. It’s only you, and the track has been there for you.

Things could turn sour. We might disagree on how to build the product, who the target users are, cash might vaporize and we might be yelling at each other for spending it the wrong way. They always do, as everything will only look perfect in the very beginning. Everything will eventually work out nonetheless, even not as the way we expected in the first place. Yet nothing compares to the powerful feeling when you are going down the route you know you are bound to be going.